So what can you expect when you enroll?

During an 8-week period you will be guided through chapters in the NASM textbook. After reading each chapter, you will access the online platform to watch videos by NASM Master Instructors, review slideshows, complete quizzes and practice exams, and contribute to discussion forums. This portion of the CPT course is at your own pace, and you can complete the assignments each week around your busy schedule. But plan to dedicate at least 10 hours a week.

Once a week – usually on a Saturday afternoon you will come into Art Fitness for a period of 2-3 hours, where Alisa Rose will breakdown the key fundamentals from each assigned chapters. Through handouts, group discussions, and hands-on practical activities, you will be prepared for the types of questions you will encounter on the NASM CPT exam. You will also go over test taking strategies and tips, as well as put theory into practice as a NASM certified Fitness Professional.

Upon completion of the course, Art Fitness students will be prepared to sit for the NASM CPT exam and be able to:

  • Describe the structure and function of the human movement system
  • Perform, interpret, and record subjective, objective, movement- based, and postural assessments
  • Demonstrate safe and effective exercise techniques
  • Select and implement appropriate exercise modification based on client performance and desired physiological adaptation
  • Implement cueing techniques to facilitate safe and effective exercise technique
  • Describe and apply program development fundamentals to design individualized training programs based on assessment results, client goals, client abilities, and environmental limitations
  • Describe special populations and considerations for exercise program design
  • Describe and apply program modifications based on training setting and client performance
  • Describe and apply basic nutritional concepts
  • Describe and apply widely-accepted nutritional guidelines for enhancing weight management
  • Describe and apply the elements of effective communication (verbal, non-verbal, listening, rapport-building)
  • Describe and apply widely-accepted and published standards of professional conduct
  • Demonstrate appropriate leadership and apply proper procedures in an emergency situation including airway obstruction, cardiac care, and automated external defibrillator (CPR/AED training)
  • Describe and implement goal setting strategies and procedures to enhance desired behavioral change, client motivation, and exercise program adherence

Enroll in Art Fitness Personal Training Certification Program today! Total cost for the program, including the NASM CPT certification exam and all course materials, is $1695.

This price includes:

  • Latest edition of NASM Essentials of Personal Training textbook & CPT exam voucher $699 value
  • 8 2 to 3-hour live, in-person class sessions taught by a NASM certified Instructor that will reinforce the textbook theory and virtual lessons – this is 4 times the amount of in-person education as a standard NASM CPT Workshop! $685 value
  • 80 hours of online instructional resources (videos, power points, practice tests, discussion forums) not available to standard NASM CPT candidates who elect to purchase online study materials $199 value
  • One NASM CPT Exam retake if necessary (minimum completion requirements apply) $199 value
  • CPR/ AED Certification $65 value
  • One bonus 2-hour sales and marketing seminar to help you ace your interviews, gain and retain clients, choose the right insurance, stay on top of industry trends and set yourself apart in the market $350 value

Total Course Value:  $2200

Your TOTAL Investment: $1695.00

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